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Welcome to week three of pad stitching.

As you remember, last time I completed the pad stitching of one canvas. This time I begin the pad stitching of its mirror image.

Again, I was able to put in a couple of hours one day. Again, that got me to about here.


At least my stitches aren’t getting any straighter. Consistency is so important.


Then, later in the week, I was able to squeeze in a couple more hours, which, got me to here.


If I’d been thinking I’d have set up a time lapse camera. I could have played awe inspiring music over it, cut in with other majestic time lapse footage. Clouds rolling, flowers opening, glaciers receding, and me, pad stitching.


See you next week for what I hope (oh man, I really, really hope) will mark the end of the pad stitching.