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Here’s where the pad stitching stood at the end of the previous post.


Ah, the memories. They come flooding back like . . . memories.


So, I did another two hours and made this much progress.


It might not look like much, because it might in fact not be much!


The next day I did two more hours, and finished pad stitching the canvas.


Look! I did a thing!


That’s eight hours of work. One full work-day of time, spent stitching. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. That doesn’t look like it would take eight hours. I agree. Looking at it and thinking that this is what I have to show after eight hours of work is not something that’s making me happy, but there it is.

Now I can move on to . . . pad stitching the other canvas.


See you next week. If I were you, I’d bank on that post looking a lot like this one.