One man’s quest to create a bespoke suit from scratch … with no experience, sewing knowledge, or related skill sets whatsoever.

What Scientists Refer to as a “Result”

So, when last I posted, I was about to baste all of the pieces of the jacket’s main body together and see how it fits. So, yeah, I did that. Here’s a picture of me wearing it.     There is extra material beyond the pattern lines along the armholes and the...

Assembly, Origami, and Celebrity Facial Hair

The first step in partially assembling the jacket for the initial fitting is to affix the canvases to the front pieces. This is done by lining the canvases up where they will go on the finished jacket and “basting” the two pieces together with gigantic, simple...

A Little Progress, and a Lot of Pictures

I know what you’re thinking. Now that you’ve spent sixteen hours of your limited lifespan pad stitching a part of the jacket that will never be seen by anybody, surely, you’re done with the canvases and can move on to some other part of the garment. To which I say,...

About the Project

Suiting Myself is a weekly blog chronicling author Scott Meyer’s almost certainly DOOMED attempt to tailor himself a suit, from scratch, with practically no sewing experience. In the process he will endure self-doubt, setbacks, and hundreds of needle wounds. It should be a hoot.

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